Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indianapolis Flag 10-26-09

This entry is about the Indianapolis Flag. First off, the red, white, and blue motif has been used before in the United States Flag. Therefore, the colors may mean the same thing here.

Blue may mean loyalty, Red may mean courage, and white may mean purity and innocence.

However, unlike the U.S. flag, the design in this flag is quite simplistic. The "cross" with the star in the middle represents the crossroads of the downtown Indianapolis area all intersecting at Monument Circle, where the Soldiers and Sailors' Monument is located. The red spot with the star in the middle represents the Monument itself. The red in this particular flag, according to Wikipedia, symbolizes "...the driving energy and urge for progress that has made the City of Indianapolis race ahead." This quote is rather fitting, since the color red itself, according to three-musketeers.net, symbolizes energy.

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