Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Digital Penguin Online 10-28-09

This blog entry is about Digital Penguin Online. The first thing you’ll notice is that the website has a red background and overall red color scheme. However, according to the Wikipedia article about penguins, penguins usually live near the South Pole, mainly in Antarctica (“Penguin”). Since penguins live in the cold, red would not be the best color for this website, because according to, red is “the color of blood and fire” (“Symbolism: Colors”). Fire implies warmth, so therefore this color should not be used. A better choice should be a color scheme of blue, light blue, and white since blue is associated with cold and white is associated with winter and snow (“Symbolism: Colors”). Light blue would be a mix of the two. Also, blue suggests the color of water(“Symbolism: Colors”), and since penguins can swim(“Penguin”), this makes the color blue that much more appropriate for the context of a penguin.

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