Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Digital Candy 2.2 10-28-09

This blog entry is about Digital Candy 2.2, a digital search engine for BitTorrent. To those who do not know what BitTorrent is, the home website for BitTorrent explains that it is “…a protocol (a set of rules and description of how to do things) allowing you to download files quickly by allowing people downloading the file to upload (distribute) parts of it at the same time,” (“What is BitTorrent?”, BitTorrent) We know that BitTorrent deals with digital media, because of the word “bit”, but what does “torrent” mean? According to, torrent can mean “a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence” (“torrent”). It seems that the use of the word “torrent” is metaphorical and refers to the file download speed. Digital Candy can help someone find files very quickly as well.

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