Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mobile Phones with Tracking technology 11-5-09

This article on CNet is about how cell-phone service provider Boost Mobile has offered a demonstration of their new technology called Loopt, which helps cell-phone users track their friends’ location.

This CNet article is related to the previous one, as it also involves a cell-phone that uses “tracking” technology. The phone is called Drift and is offered through the cell-phone service provider Helio.

This phone uses a Global Positioning system (or GPS for short, hence the headline) to track where the cell-phone owner is, just in case they’re lost.
Frankly, I’m surprised as to how far the cell phone has gone. GPS cell phone apps can be helpful in the long run, especially when you get lost while camping or your car breaks down. It can also reduce the reliance on paper maps if it could, since you’ll always have a map with you, provided that you don’t lose the phone or your phone doesn’t lose battery power. Moving towards a more “paperless” future is especially important for the environment. Also keeping track of your friends is also important in keeping your social life intact. You’ll be able to meet your friends at the mall, or at school to study, or any other activity.

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