Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evolution of Indiana University's website 11-25-09

This entry is about the evolution of the main website for Indiana University. As for evolution of websites, I have searched through and its Wayback Machine to study old designs.

Indiana University 1997

Similar to the 1997 website design of its "daughter" school IUPUI(see IUPUI post), there is an image map. However, there are also links below the image map. There is also more color in the background than the 1997 IUPUI page.

Indiana University 2009

The newest design of the IU website takes advantage of Contrast and Proximity in the links on the left border of the site. There is also audience-centered links on the top border. A search bar has been included. The two main colors on the site is crimson red and white, the school colors.

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