Monday, November 9, 2009

White and Red Flags 11-10-09

Canadian Flag

Japanese Flag

Peruvian Flag

Austrian Flag

All of these flags have a common color scheme: Red and White. But what does Red and White mean in each context?

First, let's look at the Canadian flag. Its main symbol is the maple leaf, colored in red. Interesting fact from Wikipedia's article on Maple Syrup: "Quebec, Canada, produces most of the world's supply of maple syrup"("Maple Syrup").

Now let's look at what white and red mean in the context of Canadian culture.

An response to this question on WikiAnswers says that "The colours on the Canadian flag have no official significance"("WikiAnswers").

World Flags 101, however, states:"In 1921, the Canadian flag's official colors were proclaimed by King George. The color red was taken from the Saint George's Cross and the color white from the French royal emblem"("Canada").

What do red and white mean on the Japanese flag? Since Japan is referred to as "the land of the Rising Sun", we can assume that the red circle is the sun itself.

But what does white mean in the context of the Japanese flag? According to a site named, white on the Japanese flag means "peace and honesty"("Japanese"). Red also means "hardiness, bravery, strength & valour"("Japanese").

In the context of the Peruvian flag, the coat of arms contains a vicuna(a mammal related to the llama), a cinchona tree(source of quinine[medicine]), and a cornucopia of gold coins("Peru").

Red and white on the Peruvian flag mean the same thing on the Japanese flag("Peru").

The Austrian flag colors have identical meanings to the Peruvian and Japanese flags("Austrian").

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