Monday, November 23, 2009

Evolution of Google 11-23-09

I have recently searched through in its Internet Archive Wayback Machine to uncover the past designs of the famous search engine Google.

Google 1998 version 1

Google 1998 version 2

According to the web address archived by, Google was initially a project of Stanford University back in 1998. It doesn't seem too different from today's design of the search engine, other than the exclamation point in the logo and the simpler functionality back then.

Google 2008

A decade later, Google has acquired a different, more slender font for its logo, and it has a simpler design and an additional task bar with links to different services, including its email service named Gmail. (You'll have to excuse the broken image. This was archived.)

Google 2009

Not much has changed a year later. Google still maintains the same design and features from its 2008 design. (Also the email address is censored)

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