Friday, November 27, 2009

Evolution of Purdue University's website 11-27-09

This entry is about the evolution of the main website for Purdue University, one of IUPUI's parent universities. As for evolution of websites, I have searched through and its Wayback Machine to study old designs of websites.

Purdue 1997

Note: some of the images in this archived site are broken.

This is Purdue's 1997 website design. Like other designs of this time, they were fairly simple, compared to the more complex websites of today.

Purdue 2008

As of 2008, the design has evolved into a more complex website with audience-centered organization at the right side and topic-centered organization within the banner. This site design also contains the school colors of Purdue: gold and black.

Purdue 2009

This site design hasn't changed that much from 2008's design, which makes me believe that this website design had become popular enough to not have changed that much in a year.

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