Monday, November 30, 2009

Evolution of Youtube 11-30-09

I've recently searched through for past versions of websites in order to evaluate their evolution. Today's website is Youtube. Youtube is a fairly young site, so there hasn't been that many changes.

Youtube 2005

The original site started out very small, judging by the size of the content area. This was before Google, the search engine, bought Youtube.

Youtube 2006

After Google bought Youtube in 2006("Youtube"), the site grew in complexity and number of videos. The site's hits and number of members have also grown. As a result of the buyout, media companies have also joined the site in order to promote their products.

Youtube 2009

Three years later, the logo has not changed and the site has expanded to include even more videos. Now the site even shows full episodes of TV shows and movies. In a few short years, Youtube has come a long way.

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