Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Evolution of Altavista 12-1-09

Recently, I have searched through archive.org to find old versions of websites in order to trace their evolutions. Today's blog entry will focus on the search engine Altavista. Altavista, according to Wikipedia, had existed since 1995, before Yahoo and Google("AltaVista").

Altavista 1996

This was the earliest version of Altavista that I could find on the Internet Archive, since the oldest year was 1996. This version is very compact compared to a future version.

Altavista 2001

This version was the newest version that the Internet Archive had for "altavista.com". This version was more complex and expanded than the older version and has more topics. This was before Altavista was bought out by Overture Services and Yahoo! in 2003. However, according to Wikipedia, Altavista actually has an alternate web address: http://altavista.digital.com(Altavista).

Altavista 2003

This was in 2003 after Overture and Yahoo had bought Altavista. The search engine has become almost as compact as its 1996 counterpart.

Altavista 2009

Altavista 2009 is virtually unchanged from its 2003 version. The top tabs have become fewer in number in order to reformat the site in order to streamline navigation even more.

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