Sunday, December 13, 2009

Playstation Portable Models 12-13-09

This journal entry will be about the different models of the Playstation Portable. There have been four models, thus far. First, let's look at the first three.

The first PSP model, also known as the PSP-1000, is the bulkiest of the three. The control stick is also bulkier. They've flattened it in the newer models. The newer models(2000 and 3000) have more features as well, including built-in microphone and more hard-drive memory than the 1000.

Now let's look at the PSP Go.

The PSP Go is the smallest and youngest PSP model. Unfortunately, there is no UMD drive and gamers will have to buy and download games from the Playstation Network(if they have a PS3). This may prove frustrating and costly for people who already own games bought from the PSN.
In fact, this may be Sony's equivalent to the iPod Shuffle(see previous entry for details). I would rather take the PSP-3000 over the PSP Go, because of more functionality, just like the iPhone vs. the iPod Touch.

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