Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Evolution of Deviantart.com 12-8-09

I've searched through Archive.org for old versions of today's websites. Today's entry will be a bit unorthodox, because today, I will be discussing Deviantart.com. Deviantart is a type of online community where you can submit digital or traditional art, gain feedback on said art, and make friends. It also has a forum and chat rooms. I have first experienced Deviantart around 2005.

Deviantart.com 2000

This site was much smaller back then, and featured less art as well. It also has a small list of categories of art in the left column of the site.

Deviantart 2009

The site has become very popular and now displays thumbnails of art. Just like its 2000 counterpart, it still contains a list of categories of art in the left column. However, they have added more subcategories to each one. It also shows what art has been popular, how popular and for how long.

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