Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vischeck 12-8-09


I'm taking a break from "Evolution" blog entries to introduce people to this website called Vischeck.
Vischeck is a website devoted to colorblindness.

It has a colorblind image simulator that simulates three types of colorblindness:
  • Deuteranopia(red/green colorblindness; the most common type)
  • Protanopia(a less common type of red/green colorblindness)
  • Tritanopia(the rarest type of colorblindness; blue/yellow colorblindness)
This is a normal color wheel:

This is how the three different types of colorblind people see the same wheel:



Deuteranopes and Protanopes see a normal color wheel only in shades and tints of blue and yellow.


In contrast to red/green colorblind people, tritanopes only see a color wheel in shades and tints of pink and aqua.

I think this site is interesting, because it allows us to empathize with colorblind people and see what they see.

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