Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Evolution of Wikipedia 12-1-09

Recently, I have searched through archive.org to find old versions of websites in order to trace their evolutions. Today's blog entry will focus on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a collaborative website where users contribute information from other sources to a certain topic or topics.

Wikipedia 2001

Wikipedia, at its beginnings, was very expansive and organized, but not exactly as streamlined and diverse in audience as the later versions.

Wikipedia 2008

Since then, Wikipedia has evolved and caters to more than one language. They even created a new logo, which resembles a globe made of puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces symbolize the information that the user contributes to a biography, concept, or topic, making a more complete picture of the world and its history as a whole.

Wikipedia 2009

One year later, Wikipedia expanded even more and allows for more languages. How far will this trend continue? Time will tell.

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