Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evolution of 12-5-09 1998

I've recently searched through's Wayback Machine in order to look for old designs for the search engine, or in this picture, as it was formerly called, Ask Jeeves! Jeeves was the butler mascot for the site until 2005. As for the design of the site, it was very compact, as were search engines such as Google and Yahoo!(see previous posts). 2006

This design was after the website phased out its mascot Jeeves. It was renamed to and had a simpler layout than the older design. And used two main colors: red and white. 2009

The current design for the site now advertises "today's deals and has selectable backgrounds". However, it remains as simple as the 2006 design. It seems that and Google followed the same parallel path when it comes to "keeping it simple".

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