Monday, November 23, 2009

Evolution of Yahoo! 11-24-09

I have recently searched through to see how certain websites have evolved. This entry is about Yahoo!

Yahoo! 1996

This is the first version of Yahoo! from 1996. Yahoo!, as a search engine, predated Google by 2 years. As Google was simple in its design back in 1998, Yahoo! was also simple and had its main topics in alphabetical order, just like the Harvard University Website from 1997(see Evolution of Harvard entry).
Yahoo! 2008

Twelve years after its first design, Yahoo hadn't changed much as far as simplicity went. They now offered more services than its first design as well. This design is also more compact than the original 1996 design.
Yahoo! 2009

Sadly, Yahoo! got rid of simplicity in its most recent design and opted to put more information in its home page. They have added a list of "popular searches" to their site and offered customizability, but a new person might get lost in this website and not know what to do.

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