Friday, November 27, 2009

Evolution of 11-27-09

I have recently searched through's Wayback Machine to look up old designs of websites so that I could compare them with the websites' most recent designs and see how they evolved.

Today's website that I will study is For those unfamiliar with this site, GameFAQs contains walkthroughs, codes, and cheats the gamer subculture can use to get past a difficult part in a video game that they are currently playing.

GameFAQs 1996

In 1996, GameFAQs didn't look like what we see it as today. In fact, it wasn't called It was called the Video Game FAQ Archives, and back in its creation, there were much fewer consoles to cover than there are today. The main colors were initially black and red. It also used visual metaphors as links to games under the console of choice.

GameFAQs 2008

This design is much different than the one back in 1996. The main colors are different: blue, gray and white. These colors are much calmer and friendly than the black and red of the old design. The full name of the website was streamlined to simply GameFAQs. It is more complex than the other design, with the additions of a poll, top 10 games, top 10 wanted FAQs, and more.

GameFAQs 2009

This site hasn't changed its design much from 2008. This current design does contain an ad for the new Left 4 Dead 2 game, but other than advertising new games as their Cascading style sheet, there is not much difference from 2009.

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