Friday, December 11, 2009

Google Chrome 12-11-09

This is the video ad for Youtube Chrome. I'd like to thank Thomas Shackelford for sending it to me.

Anyway, I've just watched the ad, and I think that Google was very creative in showing how their web browser works. For example, they used a Rube Goldberg device to show a metaphor in how fast the website is. In another segment, they had balloons labelled with "dangerous" symbols as a metaphor for viruses and malicious software. Then they popped the balloons with sharp objects, but the browser "window" protected the viewer from getting splattered by the gunk from the balloons. This illustrates how Google Chrome can protect your computer from viruses.

At the end of the full video, a "menu" shows up and it uses annotations as links to different parts of the video, just like in the Youtube videos.

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