Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evolution of 12-9-09

Recently, I looked through for the the past designs of the Netscape website. Netscape used to be one of the early browsers in the World Wide Web's history. It had since "died" as a browser and lives on only as an AOL-owned website.

Netscape 1996

The website started out simple and was actually only a platform from which Netscape could sell their software and offer downloads of their browser.

Netscape 1998

In 1998, America Online(AOL) bought Netscape and the site's design had changed. It was no longer just a platform to distribute Netscape software. The website now distributed AOL Instant Messenger and had more topics to cover.

Netscape 2009 compared with 2009

After Netscape discontinued its browser service, AOL redesigned its website. The design actually looks almost the same as AOL's main website and offers the same services.

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