Thursday, December 10, 2009

Online Egg-timer 12-11-09

This is an online egg timer that I have found recently. I think that this very tool itself combines Mr. Mannheimer's lectures on "time" and "metaphors" into one.

It deals with time, since you can set a certain amount of time in this screen to do what you have to do. This is also a metaphor for a real countdown timer that is usually found on microwaves, digital watches, etc.

The stop watch in this picture is a metaphor for a real hourglass, which was formerly used to tell and/or measure time. Speaking of which, I actually set this timer for 2 min. and 1 sec. as a reference to N201.

You could also make a game out of this countdown timer, such as "how many letters can you type in (number of) minutes and (number of) seconds?" or "how many words can you write in(amount of time)?" Anything is possible.

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