Saturday, December 12, 2009

iPod models 12-12-09

This journal entry is about Apple's MP3 device, the iPod, and its different models. The iPod Classic, Touch, and Nano have screen interfaces, but the Shuffle doesn't, which may make it hard to know what song is coming up, unless you've memorized the order of the song track. Though, if I may, there may be a misnomer. If anything, the Shuffle and Nano should switch names, because the Shuffle is the smallest iPod model, and the word "nano" implies tiny size.

Overall, which model does the general public like the most?

After multiple fights on Googlefight, it seems as if the iPod Touch is the best or most popular iPod model.

Oddly, the iPod Touch, the most functional model, looks almost like the lost twin brother of the iPhone. In fact, this article from AppleiPhoneReview states that consumers will have a hard choice choosing between the two, but also points out that the iPod touch has less features than the iPhone.

I'm not sure which to go for, either. The iPhone only has 8GB of space, but has phone functionality. The iPod touch has 16GB, but less functionality. It's a balancing act.

Which one would win in It seems that the iPhone is the overall winner. It seems that overall functionality is better than file size.

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