Saturday, October 10, 2009

Windows Interface vs. Mac Interface 10-10-09

Windows XP Interface

Mac OS Interface

This is probably a big rivalry that has been going on since the beginning of the personal computer. This rivalry is PC vs. Mac, otherwise known as Microsoft vs. Apple. These above images are those of the Windows XP and Mac OS interfaces, respectively.

In the Windows interface, you can access the applications from a button in the bottom taskbar labeled "Start". You can also access applications from icons on the desktop. On the Mac OS interface, however, you can access all applications through icons on the bottom of the screen.

In the Windows interface, you can log off or shut down your computer by using the same Start Menu in the taskbar. In contrast, the Mac OS interface requires you to move your cursor to the top left icon and use the drop-down menu to shut down the Mac or log off.

Now the question is: Which OS do more people like and/or use?

According to a poll on, 60% of voters use a Mac, while only 40% use a PC.

According to a different poll on the website Just Creative Design(click here), 51% of those who voted, graphic designers and non-designers combined, use a Mac, while 48% of those who voted are PC users.

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