Monday, October 5, 2009

Starship Enterprise vs. Millenium Falcon 10-5-09

Starship Enterprise

Millennium Falcon
This blog entry will be about two competing sci-fi franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Actually, to be more specific, it will be about their respective spaceships. For Star Trek, I'll pick their signature ship, the Starship Enterprise. For Star Wars, I'll pick the Millennium Falcon.

First of all, I will point out that both have a base form that resembles a disc or, even more appropriately, a "flying saucer" that was and may still be very prevalent in sci-fi media today. This is what gives both ships that type of "extra-terrestrial" flair.

Other than that, the similarities stop there with both designs. The Starship Enterprise is more rounded and has more curves than the Millennium Falcon, giving it that streamlined, sleek look. The Millennium Falcon is very detailed, but it seems to be too detailed. It's also pretty bulky.

With form, however, comes function. I take it that the Millennium Falcon is meant for attack, since the Rebels have to fight against the Empire led by Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. The Star Trek universe has a bit more diplomacy in place. The only enemies they had to fight in space to my recollection are Klingons and the Borg, so the Enterprise is designed for more self-defense and speed than attack.

It all comes down to what popular opinion is and how many search results there are for each.

According to a Misc. Discussion poll from HFBoards, a hockey-related forum, more people have said that the Millennium Falcon is better than the Enterprise.

According to a search result "fight" from, there are slightly more results for the Falcon than for the Enterprise.

From these results, it seems that the Millennium Falcon is overall more popular than the Starship Enterprise.

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  1. The Enterprise may be made for speed and defense, as you say, but the Falcon is certainly barely more than the equivalent of an armed sloop of the US Revolutionary War. Compared to the Constitution Class, the Falcon is a big shuttle, more specifically, an interstellar pickup truck with a big motor and extra guns. Great ship, though, if they can keep the hyperdrive running.