Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Computer Websites 9-29-09

I'm not sure if NEWM-N110 links anywhere to N201, but I have been told in that class that good interface design should be intuitive and not make people think. I apologize for the small images, but I was worried about them being too large for the blog. Two important aspects of website design, as taught in N110, are content and visual organization.

This first website is Gateway Computers. The main page's taskbar is organized very clearly, with words such as Shop, Computers, and Support. Those labels help the user know what they want to do and where to go, without getting lost. The big thing about commercial websites should be that they're easy to navigate and well-organized.

The second website is Hewlett-Packard's home website. This site, based on what I've learned about organization, is well-organized. This is because the homepage is organized both by topic and audience orientation. It is also aligned in a way that helps the user find the product as easily as they can, without getting lost. The organization also helps with navigation.

The last website for this entry is Dell Computers. The top menu demonstrates audience-oriented organization. That way, the relevant audience can search for a computer using those tabs. The homepage is also very simple and not very cluttered. Therefore, the eye can follow the website without hindrance.

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