Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mexican Restaurants 9-5-09

One of my favorite places to eat when it comes to Mexican food is Qdoba Mexican Grill. Why is it? Well, for one, they're the only fast food restaurant I know that still sells Vanilla Coke. And secondly, they have spicy salsas and fresh vegetables and meat. However, I digress. This is a design journal, so I have to talk about something design related.

Now then, this is Qdoba's logo. The restaurant serves Mexican food, so the cactus in the logo pretty much gives off that Mexican flair. It's a bit simple, but it works for what it does. It's a logo that tells us what kind of restaurant Qdoba is. I don't really see anything that needs improvement on this logo, to be honest. "Form is function" applies here, I guess.

Another Mexican restaurant that I like that I haven't eaten at in a while is Chipotle Mexican Grill. Its logo, like Qdoba, also contains something indicative of Mexican culture. In this logo, it is a chipotle pepper. The pepper symbolizes spice, which is what you will get from the food there.

Now to go more mainstream...Taco Bell is probably one of the most well-known Mexican restaurants in the world. As a result, this logo is very recognizable. The signature bell in the logo is where Taco Bell gets its name from. How is it a reflection of Mexican culture? It might be because bells may have been used in missions in Mexico, most famously the Alamo.

Edit: Had to make this more expansive.

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