Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fast Food Hamburger Restaurants 9-16-09

This is the McDonald's restaurant logo. Its red and yellow color scheme can conjure up warmth and happiness. Though, aside from the trademark "Golden Arches", you wouldn't think that it was exactly selling burgers unless you see the commercials or have actually eaten there, since it gives no indication that it was a burger place anywhere in the logo.

Burger King, like McDonald's, is another fast food burger restaurant. However, unlike McDonald's, it does give an indication that it is in fact a burger restaurant. The logo has the words "Burger King" sandwiched between two "buns", just like an actual hamburger.

Wendy's logo tells us that they have "Old Fashioned Hamburgers". "Wendy's" in the logo is also typed in an early 1900s style to give that effect. Most notable is "Wendy", the girl at the top of the logo. Wendy gives a "face" to the restaurant. Also notable: Wendy is also the daughter of the late founder of the Restaurant, Dave Thomas. Like McDonalds, the Wendy's logo also uses the same three main colors, Red, White, and Yellow.

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