Monday, September 21, 2009

Unique Chips 9-21-09

Bugles are one type of unique chip snack that isn't like any other chip snack on the market today. Bugles are uniquely shaped like a horn (or a cornucopia, depending on how a piece is curved). The hollow part of the chip may not have much of a purpose. You could put chip dip in the hole, but the pieces may be too small to dip, this resulting in you having to dig into the dip and get your chip back, which may prove to be embarrassing at parties.

Fritos Scoops are a variation of Fritos chips that are shaped like little bowls in order to dip them into salsa, French Onion, Sour Cream, bean dip, or any other dip. However, unlike Bugles, they are larger and easier to dip. The Scoops' form obviously gives them their function.

Ruffles is another type of chip with a unique design. The Ruffles chips have signature ridges. I presume that the ridges are either made for dipping or to keep the chip slip-proof, similar to the pattern at the bottom of tennis shoes. In any case, just like the Fritos Scoops, "form is function" very much applies here.

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