Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PS3 vs. Wii Interface 9-16-09

From the looks of this interface, it is very intuitive. There are symbols that resemble a smiling house(home), a toolbox(settings), a camera(photos), a musical eighth-note(music), film(movies/video), and a controller(downloaded/Blu-ray games). The symbols are very helpful in navigating the interface, almost like a regular desktop or laptop computer. Anyone who wants to buy a PS3 will like this interface very much.

The Wii Interface is different from the PS3 franchise, however. Because of the design of the Wii Remote(shown below), the Wii Interface is design to resemble TV channels. There is one in the top left that features the title of the Wii or Gamecube game that is inserted into the Wii. There is also a Wii shop channel where you can buy downloadable games to add to the interface, just like the PS3. One downside to the Wii is that, unlike the PS3, you cannot watch movies or listen to CDs/music on it.

The Wii Remote

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