Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Small Two-Doored Cars 9-15-09

The Volkswagen Beetle is aptly named, because it resembles the insect that it's named after. I like that it has its distinct roundness to it. That roundness adds a sort of "cute and cuddly" appeal to it. The roundness also allows reduction in air resistance, which means it can travel a reasonable distance efficiently. However, the car is compact. In fact, it may not be perfect for overweight people, tall people, or a large number of people.

The Mini Cooper is about as small and compact as the Beetle. However, since it is more squared than the Beetle, you can possibly fit slightly more people or items inside this car. However, it is still not ideal for overweight people, tall people, or large families.

The Smart Car is smaller than both the Beetle and the Cooper. In fact, it can only probably fit two people inside. This is definitely not ideal for couples with a child. The size may make it more fuel-efficient, but if a maximum of only two people can fit, then the fuel efficiency may not make a difference.

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