Monday, September 21, 2009

Ling's Cars 9-21-09

Wow, I was looking up "Worst Website Designs" on Google. I recently found this from the site named Manolith. This site is extremely cluttered, making the navigation process impossible. Where exactly will people find any used cars on the market? New cars? On this site, you only see ads all around. Even Manolith says it themselves: "The cars themselves are buried inside mounds, literal mounds of strange and non-sequitur ads, gifs, strange images that make no sense, and creepy images that make less sense."

There are better-designed car-related sites out there, such as:

From the looks of this website, it is less cluttered than the last one. It is more intuitive, especially with the tabs at the top that tell you where you will go. There are not very many ads on this site as well, making it even easier to navigate.

This site is another example of a car selling website that's well designed. On the left side is a menu organized alphabetically and by company. This can help you find a specific company and possible make of the used car you want. There are also symmetrically organized photos of cars that are on sale. All in all, these two sites are more easily navigable and accessible to the common user than Ling's Cars. They also don't make them think as hard.

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