Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Discover some of the most beautiful places in the World Through Dominique’s photos 9-22-09

This is another website that I discovered with Manolith's Worst Website Designs list. I have to say that the top of the site feels very cluttered with flags of other countries that the website owner visited where she took her photos.

One possible way that she could have improved this website design is by classifying the countries by continent and have them represented by tabs that say "Countries in North America", "Countries in South America", etc.

Another way that she could have improved this site is by having the countries separated by sections based on alphabetical order, such as "Countries A-M and Countries N-Z".

Those two ways can help the site gain a better visual flow and become more simple. I couldn't really find any "better" examples based on similar subject matter, because I don't really know what other sites have photos taken all over the world by their owners.

Also, the website owner needed a shorter title as well. Manovich stated that the title of this site really is that long.

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