Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scion xB 9-16-09

This journal entry will be about the (Toyota) Scion xB. There is an old AND a new version out now. I didn't know they have a new version out. I'm more familiar with the "box-like" old version.

Now, which version do I necessarily like? I would have to say the new version, because it's more practical for the road and its design is much better. The xB old version resembles a box on wheels far too closely. By that, I mean that the design is much too rigid for the road. Also, the box shape of the old version makes it slower than the newer version due to less curves. The newer form is more "streamlined", so to speak. Also, they got rid of the extra side window at the very back of the xB, which does feel a bit unnecessary, since the very rear is only for storage.

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