Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes 9-3-09

This post is about the reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes. You could say that this is a sequel to my first blog about the review site found here. Rotten Tomatoes is a review site predominantly about movies. The site's main theme, though, is about tomatoes. In fact, the site's grading system is based on tomatoes. According to the site's FAQ, a rating given to a movie that's above 60% is a "Fresh" tomato rating, meaning that the movie is recommended to other people to watch. Anything below 60% gets the "Rotten" score. Hence where the name of the site comes from. Where did the theme ORIGINALLY come from? This blog from Tomato Casual may have the answer.

As for which site I think is better(Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic), I would say that, in terms of design, Rotten Tomatoes is more creative and appealing. However, in terms of overall accesibility, I would give the edge to Metacritic. Even though the design of the site is not as colorful as Rotten Tomatoes, the green-yellow-red colorcoded grading system, to me, is much more appealing, easily readable, and more convincing to me. Both sites have their strong and weak points, though, so I can't pick a End-All Be-All reviewing site.

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